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Hard Drive Shredding

Erasing Data Does Not Work

Data will not be free from theft after just erasing information from a hard drive. Even after deleting files, digital copies remain that a motivated hacker can rip and use for their own purposes. This results in liability, fraud, identity theft, even corporate espionage. The best way to prevent a security breach is to use a hard drive shredding to ensure confidential and highly sensitive data is inaccessible. This includes emails, invoices, cost effectiveary numbers and other internal documents.

With South Bay DDs secure and confidential hard drive shredding services, we will ensure your hard drives are correctly destroyed before being discarded. Our professional team can even come directly to your business to pick up your hard drives and destroy them on site. If you require your hard drives to remain in your custody until they are destroyed, South Bay DDs also offers mobile hard drive shredding.

At South Bay Document Destruction, we are committed to the security of your business. We understand that when something gets in the wrong hands, it can be a liability, and in some instances catastrophic. By implementing the latest in secure technology and requiring our professionals to be overqualified based on current industry standards, you can rest easy when you contract our product and document destruction services. Contact us today at 310-217-9985 and let’s discuss your destruction needs so your products and documents will no longer remain vulnerable.

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